Modus -Toscana IGT - Tuscan Red Wine Ruffino

Toscana IGT


The story

The Latin word for “method” or “measure”, Modus is Ruffino’s modern interpretation of the blending of three noble grape varieties. First produced in 1997, it is an award-winning Supertuscan that enjoys critical acclaim worldwide. This fine wine calls for balance across its parts: vines, sun, land and labor.

Winemaking notes

The fermentation and maceration, with frequent pumpover and dèlestage, take place in temperature-controlled steel vats for about 28 days. The wine is racked before the malolactic fermentation gets underway in large steel containers.


Deep ruby red with purple highlights by the rim.


The bouquet is profound and intoxicating, balanced between balsamic and plant nuances, from the stalks and seeds. The fruit impregnates the nose, which is resolved with elegant spice, while the vanilla accentuates the roasted notes.

Tasting profile

Mellow in the mouth with intrigue provided by the blackberries, silky tannins and opulent structure. The finish unfurls into fleshy softness trimmed with gentle spices.

Full tasting Notes

A top Supertuscan, brimming with coherent and organized sensations, enlightened by three-dimensional and communicative expressiveness.

Food pairings

Game and mature cheeses. The personality of Modus makes it perfect for deep and meaningful conversations.

Production area


Winemaking details Modus

Grape varieties

Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


12 months in barriques.

Serving temperature


Did you know?

The label shows a compass that artistically depicts the meticulous balance achieved in the glass through method and dedication.

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