Social Media Policy


The Social Media Policy helps to regulate the communication between users and the brand across the official social media channels of Ruffino S.r.l. and Constellation Brands Europe Trading S.r.l. (hereinafter the “Company”) and to set out the interaction methods with the community that is created around the brand.

The Company’s external Social Media Policy is aimed at social network users and contains information about the aims, content types and the conduct permitted on the Company’s social profiles and pages.


All content on the Company’s social profiles is aimed at persons older than the minimum legal drinking age in accordance with the laws in force in the country where the users live:

The Facebook page cannot be viewed by underage users.

The viewing of videos uploaded to the YouTube channel is restricted to users over 18 years of age.

All advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram promoting content are aimed at users who are older than the minimum legal drinking age.

The content published on these profiles cannot therefore be shared with persons younger than the minimum legal drinking age.

Ruffino S.r.l. can be found on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube with the following official profiles:
The Company is committed to managing dialog and communication on its social profiles and requests that its users observe a few basic rules of netiquette.

All users are requested to state their opinions with decency and moderation, based on verifiable facts where possible. Users are asked to respect other people’s opinions.
All discussions are based on a specific topic; hence participants are requested to respect the topic in question and to avoid broadening the discussion generically and indiscriminately.

Comments published on the Company’s profiles and posts by users are the opinions held by individuals and the Company cannot be held responsible for what third parties post on its channels.
These guidelines must be understood as an addition to the principles known as "netiquette" and that every member of an online community should already know and respect.

Aimed at encouraging civil and constructive dialog, the Company regularly carries out post publication checks to restrict any conduct that is contrary to the user guidelines.

Conduct that is not permitted on the Company’s social media channels includes:
  • promoting and/or supporting illegal activities or threats
  • publishing content that encourages, favors or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of belonging to an ethnic, political or religious group or specific individuals based on gender, age, nationality, or physical/mental disability
  • publishing personal, confidential or sensitive information
  • spam or publishing links to external websites that are off topic
  • sharing promotional or advertising messages such as the sale of products and services or aimed at gaining fans and followers
  • publishing personal data and information that could cause damage or harm the reputation of third parties
  • publishing obscene, pornographic or child pornographic content or anything that offends the sensibility of users
  • adopting gratuitously argumentative behavior, especially in a repetitive manner
  • publishing content that is overly repetitive and/or disturbing for the community (“spam”)
  • copyright and intellectual property violations
  • publishing fake news
  • publishing political content or propaganda
  • violating the terms of service of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube
Any conduct that infringes the law is not acceptable.

As a result of conduct contrary to the regulations described in this Policy, those who manage the Company’s corporate accounts have the right to remove, without any prior notice, non-compliant content and they may choose to report the misconduct to the social networks.

In the case of repeated instances of user conduct that fails to observe the regulations described in this Policy, the user’s account may be banned and the non-compliant content and/or misconduct, where necessary, may be reported to the authorities in charge.
The decision to remove posts, comments or other content cannot be challenged.

Everything that users publish on the Company’s various channels is nevertheless subject to the terms of service of the social networks.

For more details, see the specific terms of service:
The advertising spaces next to the content published on the social network pages used by the Company is not under the control of the latter but is managed independently by the social networks.

The Company is not obliged to ensure direct replies to the mentions, messages or comments published on its accounts. The Company reserves the right to reply to the comments and messages or to intervene in the discussion only when it recognizes the benefit of doing so. Furthermore, the Company is not obliged to follow the user accounts that follow its profiles.