Poggio Casciano is situated in the Tuscan hills, just outside Grassina and a few miles from Florence. “Poggio” means “terrace on a hilltop” and is a fitting description of this estate. The name “Casciano”, on the other hand, seems to come from “Cassius”, a commodore in the Ancient Roman army who was given major land holdings locally.

The fourteenth-century Renaissance villa is the main part of the estate. The villa looks out over verdant vineyards and is the perfect blend of classicism and modernity. The ochre color of the walls and the terracotta details make the estate stand out amid the green surroundings.  Elegance, good taste and refinement are the three aspects that distinguish Poggio Casciano.

The Italian gardens, designed by the landscape architect Pietro Porcinai, are beautifully maintained, a sight to behold and relaxing for strolls, while the adjacent centuries-old copse is dotted with tables for moments of peace and quiet immersed in nature. An Italian bowls court is situated among the trees, where guests can play with friends and family. The infinity pool with endless vineyard views makes an impressive visual impact, a sight for sore eyes and balm to the soul.

Tenuta Poggio Casciano, Tuscan Wines Production Ruffino

The underground barrique tunnel connects the villa and the estate’s more recent buildings, where Ruffino conducts soil and microclimate research. These studies have resulted in experimental plantings and new blends in a quest for ever improved quality.

Poggio Casciano is also home to the agritourism hospitality centre managed by Tenute Ruffino Società Agricola: here guests can dine at the Tre Rane restaurant, shop at the Enoteca Ruffino wine store and stay at the Casa Ruffino. Tours & tastings take place at Poggio Casciano as well as cooking courses led by Brand Ambassadors to fully savor a day of beauty and goodness.