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Aqua di Venus

Toscana IGT

A concert of extraordinary expressivity is conveyed in the glass with seductive aromas and a bold, all-embracing mouthfeel. The unusual ribbed bottle accentuates the prestige of the wine.

La Solatìa

Toscana IGT

A sun-splashed take on Pinot Grigio that is named for the estate where it’s produced: refreshing, fruity and unmistakable with a distinctive mineral backbone. A characterful, smooth and enjoyable white.


Toscana IGT

A coherent score with moments of exquisite expressiveness for this chiselled Chardonnay of exuberant aromas, enjoyable smoothness and a refreshingly long finish.


Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

This wine pairs personality with an approachable and joyful character, which is perfect for socializing.

Orvieto Classico

Orvieto Classico DOC

An upbeat expression of an appellation whose origins are lost in the mists of time, the wine displays the dry character of the grapes and the chiselled structure with a communicative and composed finish.

Pinot Grigio Bio

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

The decision to go organic and embrace a screw top makes this enjoyable wine the perfect companion for sociable occasions.


Toscana IGT

This wine is a tribute to the famous soil in Tuscany, which is why it is made from the region’s most important white grapes to develop a voluptuous body and clear savoriness. A vibrant wine that’s both ancient and modern wine.