The Sustainability Report is a document that is compiled periodically by an organization, company, public body or association that certifies their reporting in a more complete way than the operating budget, highlighting the impact the entity has on the local area, environment and social context in addition to the financial aspect.

Once a year the Report is presented to stakeholders to show compliance with the principles upheld as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). By stakeholders, we mean employees, suppliers, including the press and local authorities, and shareholders.

There are various reasons for presenting a sustainability report. For some companies, compiling the report might certainly be a legal requirement, but it means more than that. Publishing this document means that an entity shows awareness about and a responsibility for the environment and people; it creates a reliable image of the company.

Sustainability Report

No single model exists by law, yet the information that Ruffino has reported follows guidelines such as the Global Reporting Initiative.

The GRI is an organization that was established to assist companies in reporting the impact they have on sustainability (economic, environmental and social). The model is widely used as it is suitable for any type of organization (intersectorial and international) and can be varied depending on the case in hand.

The contents of the report, although they change as needed, have certain things in common, such as the letter to stakeholders from the management; a methodological note; the profile of the organization, governance and strategy; and the reporting of material (relevant) topics, which can be broken down by stakeholder (customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, environment) or by impact type (on the economy, environment or the social aspect).

Having the data published in the sustainability report verified by a third party ensures credibility and guarantees adherence to the guidelines, while adding or deleting any data deemed necessary or compatible. Ruffino chose DNV for the Assurance of the Sustainability Report.


Day after day, we are committed to enthusiastically overcoming challenges to broaden our horizons in order to improve for the benefit of our consumers, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we live and work.

Our sustainability strategy is represented by Ruffino Cares, whose four pillars – Environment, Responsible Drinking, Diversity and Inclusion, and Commitment to Others – permeate our company business model and represent a constant drive to improve the Group’s production processes and offering.

Our Sustainability Report aims to share the progress we have made and results achieved with all stakeholders, as well as outlining the areas in which we still strive to improve.

The purpose of publishing this report is to ensure an understanding of our business and its impacts by setting out strategic guidelines, management methods, organizational safeguards, policies that have been adopted, and the related risks and opportunities for every material topic identified.

The new Sustainability Report
for the fiscal year 2022



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