Ca’ del Duca is situated in the Motta di Livenza municipality, in the Treviso province, and is the hospitality center of Poderi Ducali Ruffino.

The estate consists of a rural Venetian farmstead surrounded by the large Trecento vineyard, extending across 35 hectares, which is planted in mainly clay soil. The main grape variety grown on the estate is Glera, the most important grape in the production of Prosecco.

Motta di Livenza is located in the center of an established and renowned wine region. Now based in the Treviso province, Aquileia was the heart of winemaking operations in Roman times. Archaeological findings dating to the Bronze Age related to wine production have been unearthed in this area. The famous ancient port of Aquileia was the winemaking hub for Rome and this was the area ruled by the Patriarchate, which held it in high esteem.

Tenuta Ca' del Duca, Venetian Wines Production Ruffino

In more recent history, Motta allied its history with Venice and the Via Postumia, which crossed the Livenza river here. Oderzo is situated close by, a town strewn with prehistoric and historical relics that can still be seen in the old streets.

Glera, the main grape grown on the estate, was known and cultivated in Roman times, despite the debates about its origins.

The soil on the estate is well suited for growing Glera. The meticulous winemaking methods ensure the finesse, aromas and flavors of the resultant wines, typically Prosecco.

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