Centuries of history, tradition, culture, style, elegance, charming scenery and pure nature.

Tuscan Estates Ruffino Wines Production

Tenute Ruffino

The Tuscan estates of Tenute Ruffino Società Agricola are uniquely magical. Nestled in beautiful scenery and surrounded by cultural sights, the estates exude history and tradition, elegance and charm, nature and wine knowledge. Noble villas, simple farmsteads, turreted castles: every estate has its own unique soundtrack in a harmonious exchange between people and wine.

When Ilario and Leopoldo Ruffino established the winery in 1877, they realized that the secret to making the finest Tuscan wine was to take care of the vineyards best suited to the purpose.
Each of our vineyards are like precious gems that grow in the earth and our purpose is to look after the land. We honor tradition and history, while embracing modern winemaking technical to achieve the very best from each vintage.

Poggio Casciano Estate - Tuscan wine production Ruffino

Poggio Casciano

Total hectares

222, 63 under vine

Grape varieties

Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc


Vineyard features

Vines planted between 290 and 350 meters above sea level; variable soil and the multitude of microclimates are seen in the unique and extremely varied ripening stages of the grapes.

Montemasso Estate - Tuscan Wine Production Ruffino


Santedame winery - Tuscan Wine Production Ruffino


Gretole winery - Tuscan Wine Production Ruffino


Greppone Mazzi winery - Tuscan Wine Production Ruffino

Greppone Mazzi

La Solatìa Winery, Tuscan Wine Production Ruffino

La Solatìa

Venetian Estates Ruffino Wines Production

Poderi Ducali

Veneto is a charming region with invaluable terroir for winemaking. In 2019, with the ambitious aim of improving further the quality of our wines in Veneto, Ruffino acquired two new farm holdings: the “La Duchessa” and "Ca' del Duca” estates were established, combined as Poderi Ducali di Ruffino in Veneto.

The two Poderi Ducali Ruffino are situated in the Venice and Treviso provinces, in Veneto: La Duchessa and Ca’ del Duca.

130 hectares of land, all organically run, with a total production capacity, at the moment, of approximately 35,000 hectoliters, and undergoing continual expansion.