plural noun [from the Latin ethĭca, Greek ἠϑικά, neutrum pl. of adjective ἠϑικός] 

Definitions of this branch of philosophy include bold conjectures, profound reflections, careful reasoning about human behaviour aimed at defining what is good and what is not, and the actions that lead to doing good and those that undermine this accomplishment.

Our companies have pinpointed a solid stance on ethics, which is outlined in a strictly observed code, and which can be summarized in three words, particularly valid in their everyday and practical application:

Good, Clrean, Right

Our long history is a story of successes as well as building a reputation everyday through quality products, economic robustness and financial integrity.

We aim to consolidate this reputation through concrete actions and safeguarding our integrity with specific guidelines for internal use and for everyone who orbits around our world.

Both Ruffino and Tenute Ruffino have adopted a Company Code of Conduct and Ethics, in line with the general policies issued and observed by Constellation Brands, Inc.