Sustainability Report FY 2021

98 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation We regularly monitor employee satisfaction through an analysis promoted by the CBI Wine & Spirits Team aimed at mapping the way in whi- ch the staff experience and interpret the working environment, company leadership, their involve- ment and sense of belonging to the organization. The analysis reveals the capability of experien- cing the company values in routine and supple- mentary work. It is a fundamental starting point for setting out specific action plans aimed at im- provement. The last edition, which took place in February 2021, involved voluntary and fully anonymous participation in order to ensure con- fidentiality; 74% of the staff was involved. It emer- ged that employee satisfaction is medium-high; the level of satisfaction was lower only in the “collaboration” field. For this reason, we informed the directors of the various company areas in or- der to implement corrective measures. Group overview In FY 2021, our Group consists of 229 people, 48 of whom are seasonal workers (21%), in line with the previous year. Total men in the Group Total women in the Group Employees by gender FY 2021 Total no. employees 229 Total no. employees 229 Total no. employees 211 FY 2020 FY 2019 138 men 131 men 124 men of which 48 temporary of which 52 temporary of which 41 temporary 91 women 98 women 87 women Ruffino S.r.l. • CCNL Alimentari Industria and Dirigenti Azienda Industria. Ruffino has a second-level stipulation, which covers 100% of employees with a Alimentari Industria contract apart from the directors. Tenute Ruffino S.r.l. e Poderi Ducali S.r.l. • CCNL Operai Agricoli (integrated by Contratti Collettivi Territoriali in the Florence, Prato, Siena and Venice provinces) • CCNL Impiegati Agricoli, CCNL Dirigenti Agricoltura