Sustainability Report FY 2021

90 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation The constructed wetlands first installed on the Greppone Mazzi estate in FY 2013, later on the La Solatia estate in FY 2017 andmost recently on the Gretole estate in FY 2019, enable the cellar’s wa- stewater to be treated naturally through the use of common marsh plants and the natural filtra- tion of the water with sand and gravel. The mar- sh plants support the purification process by ab- sorbing the polluting substances discharged into the water, which turn into organic substances that are useful to the growth of the plants. Mo- reover, in the evapotranspiration process, which occurs by nature in the plants, the transpiration of the absorbed water, combined with the evapo- ration of the surface of the soil, enables a con- siderable reduction in the volume of the treated wastewater. Approximately 2,000-2,500 cubic meters have been treated in every wastewater system at Gre- tole and La Solatia in the last two years. The sa- vings made with this treated water, compared to traditional discharge disposal, foresees a quick return in the investment made to create the con- structed wetlands. To this end, the use of plan- ts involved in the plant purification process as compost is being evaluated following chemical analysis conducted on the plant’s tissues, carri- ed out to check the absence of toxic substances. This additional development would conclude an efficient and virtuous cycle. Management software is used for the remotew management and control of the purifiers and constructed wetlands. The software particularly facilitates checks on the tank levels, pH parame- ters, oxygen and the cloudiness of the water. If it isn’t managed as waste, wastewater is di- scharged into the public sewers, surface wa- ter or trench drains depending on the site and checking the legal requirements. Before the wa- ter is discharged, regular chemical and physical analyses are carried out to monitor the quality of the water and check the requirements set out by the issued authorization. The water discharge in FY 2021, continuing from the previous year, was primarily (67% approx.) as groundwater, which for Tenute Ruffino and Po- deri Ducali only includes irrigation. The chart shows an approximately 37% increase in water discharge compared to the previous year. 8,390 96,887 38,319 FY 2021 3,967 76,165 24,379 FY 2020 703 18,020 28,959 FY 2019 Surface water Ground water Municipal water supplies/other public water utilities Water discharge by area (ML)