Sustainability Report FY 2021

86 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation to treatment type; the qualitative data focus on the chemical and physical parameters analyzed in the water input and output, monitoring frequency and the means of water usage (irrigation, washing, hy- giene purposes, etc.). In FY 2020, we took part in a detailed survey scre- ening water risk for the vineyards, cellars and di- stilleries conducted by CBI. This activity enabled us to pinpoint priority actions to reduce current and future risks or risks that may need to be faced in the medium and long term. For more information, see the chapter “We manage as if we were guar- dians”. Water The nature of the winemaking business requires a high amount of water. Water availability is central to all our production processes: from irrigation in the vineyards to plant treatments, cleaning rooms and equipment and the winemaking process itself. Water is an invaluable resource with limited avai- lability. We are deeply aware of its value and the importance of responsible management. For this reason, we are committed to management aimed at the rational use of water through a precise mo- nitoring system of the water withdrawn and con- sumed, which is equipped with meters installed on the sites. We also encourage investments in te- chnological innovation to improve efficiency and we seek newwater supply sources by restoring the springs on our estates, creating newwells, plus tre- ating and reusing wastewater. We conduct an annual analysis requested by the CBI Group to account for possible impacts on busi- ness due towater quality andavailability, wastewa- ter discharge and in order to collect qualitative and quantitative data. In particular, the quantitative data regard the volume of water withdrawn for supply and discharge according to treatment type. The qualitative data include the volume of water withdrawn divided by the various sources (muni- cipal water, wells, etc.) and discharges according