Sustainability Report FY 2021

80 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation For Ruffino, protecting the environment is an invaluable concept founded on the capability of creating a production system that knows how to repeat its operations an infinite number of times, without consuming or exhausting the various production factors that make it possible. Ours is a system that lasts over time, which regenerates itself and inspires all our staff and partners, who pledge, like us, to sustain an enduring and circular production cycle. For this reason, we are committed to comprehensive environmental sustainability projects and campaigns, with the aim of looking beyond the concept of profit and innovating our production practices to build a more responsible future. Invaluable resources We are aware and attentive of the evo- lution of the context in which we ope- rate, especially of the actions taken by the European Parliament, which voted in favor of the “New Circular Eco- nomy Action Plan” in February 2021. The plan calls for additional measures to reach a carbon neutral economy by 2050, one which is environmentally sustainable, free from toxic substan- ces and completely circular, including more restrictive legislation on waste recycling and binding objectives on the use and ecological impact of mate- rials by 2030 17 . In line with what we have already achieved, we are committed to im- plementing a production cycle that includes reducing our environmental footprint through reduced energy usa- ge, the use of energy from renewable sources, more efficient water consu- mption, and the reduction, recycling and correct disposal of waste, in ad- dition to working with suppliers who share the same philosophy. 17 Source: Communication of the Commission to the European Parliament, Council, European Economic and Social Committee and the Conference of Regions. New Circular Economy Action Plan. For a cleaner and more competitive Europe.