Sustainability Report FY 2021

RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 77 Podere la Duchessa – Vine and landscape In the drive for continued protection and deve- lopment of the biodiversity, in FY 2020 we em- barked on a two-year plan for the environmental/ scenic inclusion of the grape-growing system of Podere La Duchessa in sync with organic agricul- ture protocols. The project aims to increase the edaphic biodiversity, namely the soil’s physical and chemical conditions, on the estate; create green areas to ensure diversity and a home for endemic species; develop the landscape by plan- ting native tree species and an orchard with indi- genous old fruit varieties; create flowering areas and woodland for bees; and install insect hotels and bat boxes. Poggio Casciano and sustainable soil manage- ment From FY 2015 to FY 2021, on the Poggio Cascia- no estate, a project got underway in partnership with Biopass (an acronym that in Italian stands for biodiversity, landscape, environment, soil and society), which measures, protects and increases biodiversity in grape growing to assess the im- pact of the company’s activities on the ecosy- stem of the vineyard and the spaces around it. From the point of view of increasing the balance between the quality of our products and envi- ronmental sustainability, the biodiversity in the soil (both cultivated and uncultivated) and in the neighboring areas was assessed, measuring it using specific indices, in order to identify its vi- tality from a purely organic perspective (e.g. the presence of insects, spiders and worms) as well as from a functional standpoint (habitability of the soil for the roots of the vines). By planning targeted actions in the soil and comparing the results, aimed at verifying those best suited to the company’s objectives, improvements in the structure of the soil and its fertility were verified using techniques such as Visual Soil Assessment (VSA), which enable the visual evaluation of the wholesomeness of the soil, and Organic Quality of the Soil (QBS), which studies the insects and micro-organisms in the soil. Poderi Ducali Ruffino S.r.l.: one of the top 100 most sustainable agricultural companies - AGRI- coltura100 AGRIcoltura100 is a campaign that was launched in 2020 by Confagricoltura and Reale Mutua As- sicurazioni, which aims to promote the funda- mental contribution that agriculture continues to make to the sustainable growth and rebirth of Italy after the global pandemic. AGRIcoltura100 rewards the agricultural companies most com- mitted to the implementation of sustainable agri- cultural practices.