Sustainability Report FY 2021

76 Pesticide distribution system with retrieval at Poggio Casciano Since 2015 we have been using innovative ma- chinery on the Poggio Casciano estate to disperse pesticides with retrieval of part of the mix. The tunnel sprayer has a ventilation system with air vortices that improve the penetration and distri- bution of the agrochemicals in the vines and in- side the canopy, thereby considerably reducing losses on the ground and dispersion into the air. From the tractor cabin, the operator uses a com- puterized system to control the opening and closing of the conveyors. Three fans with spiral blades are positioned vertically on the central partition, which generate a flow of air, which goes in a semicircular direction with 180° rota- tion. After passing through the vegetation, it is sucked from the other side. In so doing, the pro- duct that hasn’t been deposited on the vegetation returns into the mix tank. This system proves particularly suitable even in protected and sensitive areas, such as residential streets and places, due to the efficient retrieval system. It will become increasingly important in our future focus on environmental sustainability. At the start of the season, we retrieve up to 80% of the dispensed mix, which reaches 15-20 % at the end of the season, with an average retrieval of approximately 30-40%. The chart shows the liters of product that have been dispensed, distributed and retrieved for every vineyard. On average, the retrieval percen- tage is between 40% and 60%. Budbreak – fruit set Dispensed Distributed Retrieved 245 116 128 53% Retrieval 204 134 70 34% Retrieval 245 136 108 44% Retrieval 245 104 141 58% Retrieval 204 119 85 42% Retrieval 232 83 148 64% Retrieval 266 126 140 53% Retrieval Villa 2 Poggio al Mandorlo 2 alto Terra Rossa Nord 2006 Terra Rossa Nord 2011 Poggiola 2 Sperimentale Lonchio S We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation