Sustainability Report FY 2021

RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 ring the volume and density of the vegetation, a nozzle management system 15 with different ca- pacities, a hardware interface and software that turns the data about the foliage into information about the volume of the mix to be dispensed. The ultrasound sensors can provide real-time measu- rements about the thickness and density of the foliage 16 . This was confirmed by tests in controlled condi- tions and tests in the vineyard, which simulated the repeated shift from purposely arranged arti- ficial and real foliage. This innovation has enabled a 30% reduction in water usage and 75% reduction in product usage, at the same time allowing the same coverage of vegetation and better uniformity of the treatment compared to what can be obtained by traditional distribution. The new kit was tested, in collaboration with the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmen- tal and Forestry Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence and with the Council for Research in Agriculture and Analysis of the Agricultural Economy, in the Spring and Summer of 2020 in the vineyards of Tenute Ruffino and Azienda Agricola San Felice. After the initial pha- se of application with a traditional atomizer, the kit was applied to a new machine across several rows for the final field checks into distribution effectiveness and adequate wetness of the vege- tation. The initial results were extremely positive and promising, but the final conclusionwill come by the end of the year at the end of the project. If the trial is successful, it is expected that all the machines will gradually be adjusted for the di- stribution of pesticides over the next few years. 15 Devices that divide the mix with pesticides in drops. 16 Leaf surface of th vine. 75