Sustainability Report FY 2021

Toward agriculture 4.0 – Project KATTIVO The expertise gained in integrated agriculture and site-specific management, which answers the diverse needs of vineyards, has resulted in improved productivity and product quality, re- duced inputs and less time taken to make deci- sions, hence more sustainable production from a financial and environmental point of view. Other important benefits have ensued, such as greater awareness in company management and the availability and organicity of data and informa- tion that lay invaluable foundations on which to build the future of agriculture 4.0. Project KATTIVO stems from this perspective, with the intention of protecting the vineyard in a timely and precise way, limiting intervention with chemical products to the required dosage, reducing their usage even in case of necessity, and their dispersion into the environment. The project is part of the Tuscan Rural Develop- ment Programme, implemented within the sco- pe of the 2017 regional tender announcement in support of the Operational Groups for the Euro- pean Innovation Partnership (Go Pei) and direct- ly involved four staff members in different roles: management, technical management of the esta- te, mechanical worker manager and administra- tion. The financial resources were allocated by the Tuscany Region; Tenute Ruffino received a total of approximately 69,000 €. Tenute Ruffino, which leads the project, with Azienda Agricola San Felice, has developed a kit that can modify atomizers 14 to carry out pe- sticide treatments with innovative variable dose technology (optimized variable doses) capable of modulating the dosage of pesticides efficiently based on the needs of the vineyards and soil. The kit was developed in order to be applicable to machinery like tractors and atomizers already present in companies, ensuring technical adjust- ment, hence economic sustainability. The main changes included the installation of sensors and ultrasound that is capable of precisely measu- 14 Atomizers are irrigation machines used to treat the vines.They are equipped with a fan that facilitates the transportation of the drops towards the target and assists penetration inside the vegetation. 74 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation