Sustainability Report FY 2021

72 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation Since 2018 we have set out an organic conversion plan in Tuscany, which aims to reach 100% orga- nic production by FY 2025, followed by the natu- ral evolution of the practices implemented in the management of the estates. The adoption of this production method entails a radical change in vineyardmanagement, namely profound knowledge of the vines and the diffe- rences in their resilience and microclimate. At- tention to detail and continuous monitoring are essential to ensure the required “protection” of the vineyard against disease and parasites. The use of cultivation methods with the reduction of chemical products requires the use of specific agricultural machinery and timeliness in opera- tional choices to guarantee maximum efficiency and a minimum impact on the land. The shift from integrated to organic grape growing is the natural next step in the path un- dertaken as well as a greater awareness of the environment benefits that can be achieved. The principles on which organic production are based are: • No herbicides, replaced by under-vine mecha- nical work; • Organic manure and a move away from “che- mical” manure; • Defense against the main vine diseases using solely copper and sulfur, helped by products of natural origin that act in synergy to protect the plant; • Alternative means for the fight against the main insects, including the “sexual confusion” technique. Herbicides and insecticides were removed at Poggio Casciano in FY 2016, turning to organic methods to combat the main insects that attack the vines. In FY 2019, Tenute Ruffino, as a result of incre- ased attention linked to sustainable production methods and the pressing need for cultivation in sync with nature, started to convert the com- pany’s agricultural land to organic production. The values that drive our activities are a constant focus on the local area, maximum consideration of the land, which gives us its fruit, and a total awareness of the importance of respectful agri- culture. As a company operating in the agribu- siness, environmental issues are not only fun- damental; they are essential for the continuity, growth and quality of the products we make. Organic production Vineyards in Veneto 100% organic certified 13 13 The vineyards were aquired in 2018, having already obtained organic certification.