Sustainability Report FY 2021

68 We manage as if we were guardians We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We preserve value through regeneration We respect our history through sustainable innovation The conservation and appreciation of the local area are distinguishing elements of our business. We strive to preserve the environment where the vines grow by adopting a production system that safeguards the history of these places and the biodiversity of the soil. Technical and scientific knowledge of the ecosystem, the soil’s properties and agronomic practices ensure respect of the environment while enabling productivity in the vineyard. Caring for places and the land Protecting biodiversity and interaction with the landscape Maintaining the quality of the soil and its distinguishing biodiversity is pertinent to ensure correct inte- raction between the vineyard and the surrounding environment. We do not merely restrict ourselves to preserving the local area; we strive to increase the biodiversity and the microflora that is useful to the soil. Our continued pledge in maintaining high levels of biodiver- sity is consistent with our drive to of- fer consumers higher-quality products that derive from a production process with a low environmental impact. Moreover, to ensure the correct pro- tection of the landscape, we care for the green areas that surround our vi- neyards, preferring native species and, in some cases, we even extend the de- fense to nearby wooded areas, guaran- teeing that they uphold their purpose. Our steps towards adopting a culti- vation method with reduced envi- ronmental impact started in 2014 by drawing up and implementing the Agricultural Best Practices Handbook, with the intention of defining clear pro- cesses and the desire to share ecosy- stem management best practices, not only internally but also with external grape suppliers in the immediate futu- re, involving them in a process aimed at continuous improvement.