Sustainability Report FY 2021

63 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 More specifically, the mission of each pillar is: 1. Focused Improvement: support constant change to nullify losses and keep production efficiency high. Guide teams in defining objectives and improvement actions, meeting the strategy and results defined. 2. Autonomous Maintenance: increase operator independence in effective and efficient sy- stem management by developing knowledge, operational methods and inspections. 3. Planned (Professional) Maintenance: elimi- nate malfunctions and keep systems efficient, ensuring their safety and reliability over time. Technological innovation and development aimed at constant prevention and energy sa- ving. 4. Quality Maintenance: control the process and its components to obtain zero defects. 5. Early Equipment Management: support the design stage of new systems, capitalizing on the experience of various departments to ob- serve the expected timescales and costing, and achieve expected performance. 6. Training and Education: increase the knowle- dge and abilities of operators on issues emer- ging from the various losses of the pillars, in- structing them not only about know how, but also about know-why. 7. Health and Safety: make Ruffino a safe place now and in the future. 8. Environment: make Ruffino an eco-sustai- nable business now and in the future. The TPM pathway calls for in-depth cooperation between all teams and aims to: • Create a ZERO culture: zero accidents, zero defects, zero losses • Increase the production volume, employee morale and satisfaction • Increase system and equipment productivity • Drastically improve global performance by applying operational excellence