Sustainability Report FY 2021

6 We respect our history through sustainable innovation We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex This Sustainability Report sets out the informa- tion about environmental, social and governan- ce issues for the Ruffino Group (hereinafter also “Group” or “Ruffino”) with reference to the com- panies Ruffino S.r.l., Tenute Ruffino S.r.l. Società Agricola (hereinafter also “Tenute Ruffino”) and Poderi Ducali Ruffino S.r.l. Società Agricola (he- reinafter also “Poderi Ducali”), in order to ensure understanding of our business activities and the impact produced by them through the represen- tation, for every material theme identified, of the strategic guidelines, managerial methodology, organizational structures, policies adopted, and the risks and opportunities connectedwith them. We have continued our commitment to enrich sustainability reporting, hence seizing the op- portunity to share the progress made and results achieved with all stakeholders. To this end, the document was compiled with the addition of further GRI Standards compared to the previous version, which was published in 2019, and addi- tional qualitative and quantitative specifications. The Report is structured as four macro-chapters, whose cover presents the reference to the GRI Standards and the connection with the Sustai- nable Development Goals (SDGs). The document begins with the chapter “We re- spect our history through sustainable innova- tion”, which describes our deep embedment in hi- story and tradition, while at the same time being committed to the future through our vision and mission, sustainability strategy and the goals that the Group strives to achieve in the short and me- dium term. The materiality matrix and stakehol- der map are also presented in this chapter. In the second chapter, “We manage as if we were guardians”, the focus is on the importance of sustainable management that covers the gover- nance system, prudent and preventive risk ma- nagement, and consolidating our values, ethi- cal principles and combatting corruption. The creation and distribution of economic value for stakeholder categories are also shown in this chapter. The third chapter, “We preserve value through regeneration”, describes our commitment to the environment and local area with a focus on the production methods and resources used. The final chapter, “We grow by sharing”, is de- dicated to our fundamental resources, our em- ployees, as well as the ongoing interaction that we have established with external entities, sup- pliers, consumers and local communities throu- gh our activities. The accounting period is structured into finan- cial years, which run from February in one fiscal year to March in the next. In the report, reference to the financial years is stated as follows: FY 2019 (2018), FY 2020 (2019) FY 2021 (2020). Technical details about the reporting are covered in the Methodological Note that concludes the Report and the tables containing the quantitative data in the Document are stated in the Annex. This Report is a result of the work of and colla- boration between all company departments. The compilation was coordinated by the Sustainabili- ty & Environment Team, which led all the stages of its creation, from the materiality assessment to identifying KPIs as well as processing the infor- mation and data received to compile the contents. How to read this report