Sustainability Report FY 2021

52 We preserve value through regeneration We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex We respect our history through sustainable innovation We manage as if we were guardians In particular, regarding the effects of climate change, the analysis model focuses both on the risks and potential opportunities. This assessment brought out the main risks such as those linked to unstable weather conditions characterized by long periods of drought, ex- treme variability in precipitation patterns and extreme meteorological events. The effects of climate change have an impact on the fragile balance between climate, soil and other central factors in winemaking. The main opportunities include the use of re- newable or low-emission energy sources and participation in local programs to obtain finan- cial or technical support to combat climate chan- ge in order to meet climate-related targets. As regards water, the water risk screening is ex- tended to vineyards, cellars and distilleries and is separated into five macro-sections. In particu- lar, the operational context, water supply, physi- cal risk, legislative risk, and social and reputa- tion risks are analyzed. In response to these mapped risks, we started a key project to protect water resources using ad- vanced irrigation techniques, which we explain in greater depth in the “We preserve value through regeneration” chapter, in the “Irrigation Project” paragraph.