Sustainability Report FY 2021

49 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 An event that could have an impact on the normal running of the business. The management has sufficient resources and time available to manage the event. An event that does not create significant business downtime or damage to structures, products, employe- es, clients or shareholders and which can be controlled locallywiththecollaborationandwithnon-ordinaryactivities by several company roles and/or external entities and consultants. An event that has or could have a significant impact on the normal running of the business, its reputation and finan- cial stability. This is an event that could damage the sites, products, employees, clients, trademarks or shareholders, interrupting the normal running of the business and drawing attention of traditional means of communication or social media. Moreover, the managerial model that has been developed identifies three risk levels, correspon- ding with clear procedures and measures outli- ned in “Specific Response Plans”, with the aim of defining management priorities for all the risks in the top quarters of the matrix, hence corre- sponding with high and medium-high risk. For the first and second risk levels, we imple- ment operating procedures and mitigation plans that differ depending on the risks faced and whi- ch can involve different company functions. For the third level, namely the occurrence of a crisis, we have set out a specific Crisis Mana- gement Plan, whose aim is to definite adequate procedures to ensure the resources needed to re- spond in an effective, timely and structured way, in order to: • Prevent and/or minimize negative impacts; • Restore operations as quickly as possible; • Ensure the safety of employees, clients and others; • Activate effective internal and external com- munication plans; • Minimize risks and define responsibilities. LEVEL 1 ISSUE LEVEL 2 EMERGENCY LEVEL 3 CRISIS