Sustainability Report FY 2021

32 We respect our history through sustainable innovation We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex 3.5: Strengthen the prevention of the harmful use of alcohol 17.6: Intensify the global partnership for Sustainable Development, assi- sted by multilateral collaborations that develop and share knowledge, skills, and technological and finan- cial resources to achieve the Su- stainable Development Goals in all countries 13.1: Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards and natural disasters 15.1: Ensure the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and inland freshwater ecosystems and their services. 15.5: Take urgent and significant action to reduce the degradation of natural habitats, halt the loss of biodiversity and protect and prevent the extin- ction of threatened species. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Ruffino, with its parent company CBI, is developing a Strategic Plan to set the targets to be reached in the next few years for all the companies comprising the Group. Setting official goals and defi- ning a road map to achieve them are expected during FY 2022. S U S T A I N A B L E