Sustainability Report FY 2021

28 We respect our history through sustainable innovation We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration We grow by sharing Methodological notes Annex Ruffino Cares - A heart as strategy The drive to make sustainability a core brand va- lue led to the creation of Ruffino Cares in 2018. Initially a container for all of Ruffino’s Corpora- te Social Responsibility actions, Ruffino Cares is now a fully-fledged business strategy. This change in perspective has resulted in Ruffino Ca- res extending across a number of business areas and becoming a unique language across all the company’s best practices. Ruffino Cares conveys our commitment for every project, everyday activity and strategic choice to create a syste- mic, responsible and mindful vision. The Ruffino Cares logo, a leaf, a hug and a glass that make a heart, symbolize a strategy that extends across 4 action areas: environmental sustainability, responsible drinking education, a commitment to others, and diversity and in- clusion. Environmental sustainability, which is im- plemented in the correct protection of the envi- ronment and its biodiversity through the use of sustainable vineyard practices, organic conver- sion, precision viticulture and the use of the Agri- cultural Best Practices Handbook. No less impor- tant is the focus on the responsible use of resources like water and energy through the ca- reful monitoring of usage and specific projects such as improving wastewater treatment. Lastly, correct waste management through reductions, selection and, where possible, a preference for reuse. Education about responsible wine drinking, made possible due to our active participation in the European “Wine in Moderation” programme, implemented in 2008 to promote responsibility and moderation when drinking wine, and to pro- mote recreational and educational moments ai- med at providing information about the direct and indirect harm caused by alcohol abuse and the socio-cultural value of responsible drinking.