Sustainability Report FY 2021

173 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 Statement n. STAT-14949-2021-CSR-ITA-DNV DNV – Via Energy Park, 14 – 20871 Vimercate (MB) – IT - Tel. 039.68 99 905 - Page 2 of 2 Stakeholder Inclusiveness: The document highlights Ruffino’s commitment to the promotion and development of initiatives to regularly and systematically involve its stakeholders. Sustainability context: The information and data presented within the Report adequately reflect the strategy, commitments and activities carried out by Ruffino in relation to the sustainability context in which the Organization works. Materiality: The Report reflects Ruffino’s commitment to providing information and data that allow its stakeholders to assess the economic, social and environmental performance of the Organization. The contents of the Report are the result of a consolidated mapping of stakeholders and a structured process for identifying the topics they considered relevant. Completeness: The Report enables stakeholders to evaluate Ruffino’s sustainability performance in the reporting period and to understand its sustainability strategies and goals. The information contained in the report refers to the structure defined in the boundary; in the case of data attributed to a more limited boundary, the document identifies such restrictions. Accuracy: From our analysis of the data and the company processes which generate it, the data contained in the Report are the result of stable and repeatable activities. The information contained in the Report is therefore sufficiently detailed and accurate. Balance: The Report is a complete and impartial description of the sustainability impacts and performance of Ruffino. The document reflects the Organization’s desire to represent its activities and result for the reporting period in a balanced manner, consistent with its company strategies. Clarity: The information presented in the report is understandable, accessible and usable by Ruffino’s stakeholders. Comparability : The information reported enables stakeholders to analyze changes in the organization’s current economic, environmental, and social performance against the organization’s past performance. Reliability: The data included in the Report which is the subject of our audit were shown to be identifiable and traceable; the personnel responsible were able to demonstrate in a convincing manner the origin and interpretation of the data. During our audit, we identified a limited number of non-material errors, which were corrected before the final version of the Report. Timeliness: Ruffino reports regularly once a year making information available in a timely manner, to allow stakeholders to make informed decisions. Improvement opportunities Below is a summary of the observations and opportunities for improvement communicated to the management of Ruffino which, in any case, do not affect our conclusions on the Report: • evaluate the opportunity to implement a procedure based document coding system for the primary data collection files, thus enabling an easier elaboration of the final data to be included in the report and a better traceability of the data and information collection flows, or, as an alternative, to • evaluate the opportunity of implementing data management and processing tools in order to reduce the operational data handling, considering that the data is currently managed on excel sheets. Competence and independence of DNV DNV is a leading provider of sustainability services, including the verification of sustainability reports. Our environmental and social assurance specialists operate in over 100 countries. DNV was not involved in the preparation of any statements or data included in the Report except for this Assurance Statement. DNV maintains complete impartiality toward stakeholders interviewed during the verification process. DNV expressly disclaims any liability or co-responsibility for any decision a person or an entity may make based on this Assurance Statement. For DNV GL Business Assurance Italia S.r.l. Riccardo Arena Lead Verifier Massimo Trombetta Reviewer Vimercate (MB), 12/07/2021