Sustainability Report FY 2021

172 Statement n. STAT-14949-2021-CSR-ITA-DNV DNV – Via Energy Park, 14 – 20871 Vimercate (MB) – IT - Tel. 039.68 99 905 - Page 1 of 2 Ruffino Srl – Sustainability Report – Fiscal Year 2021 Independent Assurance Statement Introduction DNV Business Assurance Italy S.r.l. (“DNV”) was commissioned by the Management of Ruffino Srl (“Ruffino”) to undertake an independent assurance of the company’s Sustainability Report – Fiscal Year 2021 (“the Report”) in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) Sustainability Reporting Standards. For details on the composition of Ruffino and its reporting boundary, reference should be made to the information in the relevant section of the Report. Ruffino is responsible for the collection, analysis, aggregation and presentation of the information contained in the Report. The assurance engagement assumes that the data and information provided in good faith by Ruffino are complete, sufficient and authentic. Our responsibility in conducting the work commissioned from us, in accordance with the terms of reference agreed on with Ruffino, is solely towards the management of Ruffino. This Independent Assurance Statement is intended solely for the information and use of Ruffino’s stakeholders, and isn’t intended to be and should not be used by anyone other than these specified parties. Scope of Assurance The scope of work agreed on with Ruffino included the following aspects: • Analysis, according to a Moderate level of Assurance, of the business and its data on sustainability, for the period March 1 st 2020 to February 28 th 2021, as contained in the Report. • Assessment of the reporting standards referred to in the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, in accordance with the “Core” option. Our remotely audit was conducted in January, February and May 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic (SARS CoV-2). The information and economics data were audited by an independent auditing firm and were not included in the scope of our audit. Audit methodology Our assurance engagement was planned and conducted in accordance with the “VeriSustain”* audit protocol of DNV, which is based on our professional experience and international assurance best practices. In accordance with the Protocol the Report has been evaluated according to the following criteria: • Adherence to the principles of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards; • GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, with respect to requirements for the Core option; • ISAE 3000, for the audit of non-financial information; We have examined and subjected to review the data and other information made available by Ruffino. We have obtained information and technical data from certified management systems. We have conducted audits on a sample basis of: • the mechanisms adopted by Ruffino for implementation of its sustainability policies, as described in the Report; • the processes for determining the materiality of the contents to be included in the Report; • the processes for the generation, collection and management of the quantitative and qualitative data included in the Report. We interviewed 6 company representatives involved in the operational management of the aspects described in the Report. Conclusions In the opinion of DNV, the Ruffino’s Sustainability Report – Fiscal Year 2021 provides an accurate and impartial representation of the sustainability strategies, management systems and performance of the Organization. Based on the work undertaken, nothing came to our attention to suggest that the Report is not in line with the “Core” requirements of the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards. Further conclusions and observations on the adoption of the reporting principles and information on specific areas of performance are given below.