Sustainability Report FY 2021

140 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration We grow by sharing Annex We respect our history through sustainable innovation Methodological notes Material topics Definitions Internal boundary Foreign boundary Environmental Preserving biodiversity and promoting grape-growing landscapes Attentive and sustainable use and management of the soil where Ruffino operates in order to preserve its fertility, organic diversity and nutrients, limiting the exploitation of already scarce natural resources and preferring the cultivation of native varieties. Ruffino 35 Environment Community Processes of natural regulation and gradual elimination of chemical substances Implementation and diffusion of sustainable grape-growing practices, such as site- specific viticulture in relation to the seasonal conditions, precision viticulture and reduced or halted use of chemical substances to limit the impact on the environment and local area, always ensuring the best possible product quality. Ruffino Environment Community Climate change Fighting climate change by reducing the company’s environmental impact, limiting CO2 emissions generated by production, bottling and distributing wine Ruffino Environment Community Energy management and saving Optimizing energy use and procuring energy from renewable sources. Ruffino Suppliers Water management Sustainable management of the water used in the vineyard and cellar, and preventing water pollution by reducing to a minimum the discharge of chemical substances and hazardous materials to preserve water quality. Ruffino Suppliers Waste and wastewater management Limiting the production of waste and wastewater, hazardous and non-, solids and liquids, favouring reuse and recycling. Ruffino Suppliers Social Staff management; diversity and inclusion Talent selection, promoting the value and uniqueness of people, protecting the right to work, training and skill development. Respecting and listening to colleagues and creating an inclusive working environment, promoting the role of women in the sector, which is traditionally associated with male professional figures. Ruffino Suppliers Health and safety of workers The health and safety of workers is a core value of Ruffino, supported by a virtuous management policy aimed at minimizing risks of injury and illness and promoting a culture of awareness and prevention. Ruffino Suppliers Consumer health and safety Ensuring product quality in order to promote and protect consumer health and safety, also through education and awareness drives about responsible drinking. Ruffino Customers Economic Creating sustainable value over time Goals of long-term growth and profitability based on the economic sustainability of the business, through the generation and distribution of sustainable economic value to internal and external stakeholders. Ruffino Community and local area Local associations and organizations Suppliers Clients Sustainability as differentiation and competitiveness Sustainability governance that guarantees correct, ethical and transparent conduct that makes Ruffino stand out and be competitive nationally and internationally, increased over time by obtaining and maintaining product and process certifications. Ruffino Community and local area Local associations and organizations Suppliers Clients Risk management Developing and applying a model that is prudential to the management of financial, environmental, social and governance risks to which the company is potentially exposed directly and indirectly while managing its business. Ruffino Community and local area Suppliers Clients Responsible supply chain management Honesty, integrity and coherence are the core elements of the relations between Ruffino and its suppliers, in line with applicable legislation, ethical standards, and the rules of conduct and sustainability guidelines set out by the company. Ruffino Clients Environment Community Table 1: Material topics of Ruffino and impact boundary 35 By stating Ruffino in the internal impact boundary, we mean all three Ruffino companies: Ruffino S.r.l., Poderi Ducali S.r.l. società agricola and Tenute Ruffino S.r.l. società agricola.