Sustainability Report FY 2021

133 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 Our history and success are rooted in an area that is not only home to our estates but also gives us the opportunity to have an exchange with the communities where we operate. We firmly believe in the responsibility to the community that all companies are obliged to have, which is why we promote campaigns and projects aimed at strengthening our presence in the local area. We want to give something back for the hospitality that we receive. Interaction with communities and local area The drive to give back is one of the pillars of Ruffino Cares (for more infor- mation, see the Chapter “We respect our history through sustainable inno- vation”, in the “Ruffino Cares” para- graph). It is a key element that ensures continued relationships with the local area and business development. Over the years, we have helped communi- ties close to us with activities with a focus on nature, society, education, economy and the environment. Here are the activities that we develo- ped during FY 2021. Help us to help Italy 2020 was a particularly hard year due to the Covid-19 emergency and we felt the need to help our communities through concrete activities. In March 2020, we started the GoFund- Me “Help us to help Italy” fundraising campaign to support the Veneto Region in the fight to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic. With our Ruffino Cares program, we doubled every donation made and ensured a minimum contribution of 250,000 Euro. In less than two months, we succeeded in raising approximately 258,000 Euro 34 . The donation allowed the Veneto Region to add 4 intensive care beds, helping both healthcare pro- fessionals and Covid patients. Moreover, to thank the healthcare pro- fessionals at the San Donà di Piave ho- spital in the metropolitan area of Veni- ce, we donated 150 bottles of Prosecco DOC Etichetta Arancia and in Decem- ber 2020 our employees made bracelets with a thank-you note and sent them to the doctors and nurses at the San Donà hospital. 34 The accounting for the fundraiser and the use of funds was audited by an external certified auditing company. GIVING BACK