Sustainability Report FY 2021

RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 127 Promoting responsible drinking in central Florence This year too, despite the difficulties caused by the restrictions enforced to curb the Covid-19 pandemic, we have supported events in Florence to encourage a culture of responsible drinking. We continued our informational campaign about responsible drinking in central Florence in Piaz- za dei Tre Re by sponsoring evenings organized by Serre Torrigiani 32 . Although it was not possi- ble to carry out all the initiatives presented last year, such as the Wine Talks and the functional tastings to place wine and tastings in “naturally responsible” settings, we wanted to remain pre- sent with our Ruffino Cares bikes, which over the years have enabled us to further our awareness drives in Florence, and with brochures on the best ways to approach wine. We have also supported two music and cultural events, MusArt and Firenze Jazz Festival by or- ganizing a Facebook live to promote responsible drinking as well as covering the event and han- ding out our informational material during the festivals. Study grant for the Training Course in Behavioral Addiction and Addiction to Legal Substances As members of Unione Italiana Vini, in FY 2021 we co-financed a study grant for students atten- ding the Training Course in Behavioral Addiction and Addiction to Legal Substances at the Inte- grated University Hospital of Verona (Psychia- try and Internal Medicine Specialization School, University of Verona). The aim of the course is to provide theoretical notions about neurobiology and pathophysiology, the main clinical contexts and psychiatric, neu- rological and internal comorbidities of behavio- ral addiction and addiction to legal substances. Knowledge and practical skills are also shared for assessment and integrated treatment (i.e., pharmacological, psychological, rehabilitation) of these disorders, as well as new therapeutic protocols and the public health network to sup- port patients, and basic notions to develop rese- arch skills in the field of behavioral addiction and addiction to legal substances. 32 Bistro and location for events. For more information about the amounts given, see the chapter “We grow by sharing”, in the “Interaction with communities and the local area” paragraph.