Sustainability Report FY 2021

126 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation Responsible drinking Tasting and appreciating good wine is and should always be pure shared pleasure . For Ruffino, responsible drinking is a shared va- lue, in which resources are invested for employee training and public awareness campaigns. An internal responsible drinking policy has been drawn up for all employees, who also attend an online course aimed at raising awareness about problems and behavior related to excessive al- cohol consumption and to assess individual knowledge about responsible drinking. The attention paid to responsible drinking is the same in all marketing and communication activities. The Group applies a “Code for respon- sible practices in the marketing and publicity of alcoholic beverages 31 ” which defines the public at which marketing materials are targeted, the ethical standards for the publicity intended for the press (print, radio, TV and web), image use standards, symbols, figures and subjects. 31 For more information, see the full version: We also established an internal process to ensure the utmost compliance with the Code, which all companies that are tasked with marketing acti- vities must apply and observe. Due also to the fulfillment and respect of the Code, zero cases of non-conformity with the rules adopted for mar- keting and communication activities have been recorded to date. Since FY 2015, we have supported and endorse the international association Wine in Modera- tion, which brings together various wine orga- nizations that believe in a culture of sustainable wine and pledge to encourage it through training courses, moderate consumption communication campaigns, and communication standards for responsible marketing for wine and scientific research. In FY 2020, Ruffino S.r.l. became an Ambassador Company of Wine in Moderation, namely one of four ambassador companies that pledge to plan and implement specific responsible drinking campaigns in addition to supporting the asso- ciation. Being an Ambassador Company also means including the Wine in Moderation logo in all communication campaigns and encouraging consumer awareness about Wine in Moderation activities. RESPONSIBLE DRINKING No more than 2 units a day for women No more than 3 units a day for men No more than 4 units on special occasions What is moderate consumption?