Sustainability Report FY 2021

123 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 During FY 2021 to ensure sustainability, ethics and transparency in our procu- rement process, we drew up a Vendor Rating system for the supplier qualifica- tion process by implementing a Vendor Matrix, which will become operational in FY 2022 and an integral part of the Procurement Procedure of the Ruffino Group. It will be possible to analyze and assess current and future suppliers as well as allocating each partner with an “ID card” in order to make informed choices that evaluate aspects of sustainable ma- nagement at the same level as financial robustness and quality, which are alre- ady checked and controlled. • 3,898 suppliers on the records • A pplied for all purchases ≥ 5,000 euro Selecting and assessing suppliers are fundamental principles of the Organiza- tional Model adopted by Ruffino. They are also a primary requirement for cor- rect management of risks associated with some of the applicable offences in compliance with Italian Legislative De- cree 231/2001. For a correct rating process, first sup- pliers will be classified according to the type of supply and then according to the following aspects: • P rocurement risk due to the complexi- ties of the supply market, in terms of the availability of the goods or service, the number of alternative suppliers, supplier power, obstruction to entry into the sector; • s trategic importance of the good pur- chased, in terms of added value, eco- nomic impact and impact on profita- bility. The supplier will then be profiled ac- cording to various assessment areas, including company organization and structure; financial stability; safety and environment; quality; reputation; and technological potential. Towards the implementation of a Vendor Rating system 1,275 supplier, 33% with costs ≥ 5.000 euro