Sustainability Report FY 2021

122 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation At an initial stage, each supplier was asked to fill out a questionnaire in order to pinpoint the sta- tus and establish gradual improvement actions progressive. Visits to the suppliers’ estates were also planned to assess the status individually and plan the possible next steps from the point of view of continuous improvement. Involving all suppliers was possible due to a lasting relationship based on trust and the im- portance that these aspects have always played in our supply rapports. There is also a solid con- tractual basis, which already includes specific re- quests regarding the formalization of production process operating methods, as well as defining and implementing an agronomic protocol, regu- lations on the use of pesticides, the exclusion of certain chemical products, defining checks re- garding compliance with the conditions imple- mented directly by the company. Partecipation 100% of estates’ suppliers In FY 2021 35,5% of the total grape purchases 10 suppliers involved in FY 2021 14 suppliers involved in FY 2022 30 30 The variability of the number of suppliers over the years is consistent with identifying grape requirements, hence product demand.