Sustainability Report FY 2021

120 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We respect our history through sustainable innovation We grow by sharing KPI HY 2020 KPI HY 2021 Signing the Agronomic Protocol in the supply contract Checking residual pesticides in the grapes Correspondence of the estates on the Art€a 29 maps Sharing and implementing the regulations stated in the Group’s Agricultural Best Practices Handbook Assessing the possible interest in certified organic or sustainable growing Participating in and signing the Company Code of Conduct and Ethics Existence of a signed cost estimate with subcontractors Participating in the Code of Conduct and Sustainability Guidelines for Suppliers Checking the Country Register for the analysis of pesticides used by suppliers Checking that calibrations have been carried out (checking compliance with legislation on safety and quality in the production process) Checking the dispersion of pesticides into the environment Checking that waste is disposed of correctly Agronomic efficiency and Quality Efficiency and Social Sustainability of Work Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability and Consumer Safety 29 ART€A is the Tuscan Regional Agency for Agricultu- ral Supplies (established with Regional Law Novem- ber 19, 1999, no. 60 and subsequent amendments and additions). It carried out the duties of a paying body recognized for the liquidation of FEAGA (European Agricultural Guarantee Fund) and FEASR (European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development) funds, which support agricultural production in European Union countries through supplying aid, contributions and awards to producers.