Sustainability Report FY 2021

116 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation In FY 2021, in terms of bulk wine purchases, 64% of the procurement came from suppliers in the Veneto, 50% of which for purchasing Prosecco, 20% from Tuscan suppliers and the remainder from suppliers mainly based in Friuli Venezia Giu- lia, Lombardy and Piedmont. Here are the procurement details by region in Italy: The materials (dry goods) for the packaging and distribution of our products consist in glass bott- les, corks, screw caps and polylaminate capsules, labels, cardboard boxes, cardboard tubes, wooden cases, partitions and separators. Before allocating the supply, a test order must be made to check the product quality. Subsequent checks are made during the rapport to ensure that quality requirements are maintained. For dry goods suppliers, the percentage of the compliance of the goods received is analyzed every month as well as the completeness of the delivery and observance of times. These parame- ters form the supplier’s rating coefficient, which guides the company in choosing the best part- ners for its business. Keeping the coefficient high is a prerequisite to remain a supplier to the Group. The following table shows the material for the packaging and distribution of our products pur- chased by the Group: Raw materials more than 85% purchased from local suppliers Veneto Tuscany Other regions Bottles Corks Labels Boxes Screw caps Partitions Separators Capsules Wooden cases Other packaging Bands % of cost for raw materials procurement in Italy of cost for raw materials procurement in Italy (FY 2021) Product packaging and distribution material (No. of pieces FY 2021) 28,679,889 28,679,889 28,679,889 14,156,269 150,725 66,794 7,245,508 18,197 1,611,073 1,685,508 8,405,500 All materials are renewable 64% 20% 16% % vs totale fornitura Italia