Sustainability Report FY 2021

RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 R FFI O | Bilancio di Sost nibilità outside of the company. The aimwas to circulate relevant, updated and credible information. Remote working was activated in early March 2020 for all employees who could fulfill their duties this way. To ensure safe and appropriate working conditions, a remote working kit was provided, consisting in a screen, keyboard, mou- se and ergonomic chair. Instructions were also supplied about taking breaks, the right to discon- nect and the need to protect the work-life balan- ce. A phone line was set up to provide psycholo- gical and emotional support to help manage this new working method. Employees could use the phone line confidentially to protect their privacy. After the first wave (inMay 2020), we organized a webinar to share all information useful for a safe return to the workplace. Employees could take serological tests during work hours for free and on company sites. We invested more than 75,000 Euro to ensure the absolute safety of the work environment. The measures taken mainly concern the installation of heat scanners by site entrances; re-organiza- tion of workspaces with plexiglass; distribution of hand sanitizer; and supplying all employees with personal protection equipment. To check observance with the Covid-19 protocols and other regulations, internal and external au- dits have been conducted, the latter by Unione Italiana Vini. External audits noted the applica- tion of a shared and effective management sy- stem. Award-winning management The HR Director of the Ruffino Group was included in the list of award-winning individuals in 2020 by the Associazione Italiana per la Direzione del Per- sonale (Italian Staff Management Association) with the “HR Mission 2020 – lavorare con e per le Per- sone nell’emergenza” (“HR Mission – to work with and for People during the Emergency”) prize, which recognizes the dedication, creativity and innova- tion implemented by professionals in the Human Resources field during the COVID-19 emergency. 111