Sustainability Report FY 2021

108 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation Sanitaria Alimentaristi (Food Supplier Health Assistance Fund) and, where necessary, through the company welfare system, can use medical assistance at a reduced price (specialist medical appointments, dental care, preventive medicine, diagnostic checks). Workers are involved in special training that is both outsourced to specialized and approved ex- ternal consultants and carried out by the com- pany’s Health and Safety Officers. The course types vary depending on the role and duties of the employees. Specific training ses- sions are provided for certain roles, including Managers, Safety Directors, Safety in the Wor- kplace Representative, Accident Prevention Ma- nager, First Aid and Defibrillator Manager, ma- chine operators (fork lift, mobile lift platforms, tractors, diggers, cranes). Moreover, in order to develop continuous deve- lopment, we work with external consultants for a range of activities such as risk assessment and appraisals of the machinery used in order to sha- re appropriate precautionary measures with de- partment heads. To confirm the importance of environment, heal- th and safety both operationally and strategical- ly, in FY 2021 we allocated 53.5% of the Group’s total investments to sustainability in health and safety projects and fulfillments (aside from the investments made to manage the Covid-19 pan- demic). For more information, see the first chap- ter “We respect our history through sustainable innovation” in the “Sustainability Investment Plan” paragraph. In FY 2021, 2 accidents were recorded, down from FY 2020 (3 cases). Our aim is to reach 0 accidents in FY 2022. Sustainability in health and safety projects and fulfillments 53.5% of the Group’s total investments in FY 2021