Sustainability Report FY 2021

107 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 Several annual internal audits are carried out to ensure that international standards are maintai- ned. More than 20 audits were conducted this year to check compliance with legislation and health and safety management on the various sites. We use WEAREFORCLOUD™ management software to manage legislative compliance for environment and safety, whose organization is structured into modules enabling flexible activa- tion depending on the needs on the various sites. The software allows the Risk Assessment Docu- ment (DVR) to be managed through a description of the work activities by role and compiling risk survey forms. It ensures a solid and transparent foundation to process statistics and reports that can be compared for the companies comprising the Group and helps the company to maintain the ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 certifications. The reporting, non-conformities and opportuni- ties for improvements found during the internal audits can also be managed effectively. We also operate in observance of the Environ- mental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy drawn up internally by CBI for all the Group’s compa- nies, with the aim of achieving challenging tar- gets, such as: • Zero accidents in the workplace and zero occupational illnesses; • Clearly defined responsibilities and duties pertaining to health and safety; • Work plans to improve the existing situation whose progress is tracked regularly; • Tools to involve workers and give them the opportunity to participate in improving health and safety management as well as receiving feedback on the activities carried out; • Clear and updated reporting. At an operational level, regular meetings have been planned across different departments with the intention of monitoring carefully the health and safety of workers. The type and fre- quency of meetings vary every year, just like the participants and subjects covered, ensuring the necessary dynamism to fulfill the contingent needs and company changes. They include the 10 or so meetings every year to review health and safety management with the top manage- ment, in which several objectives are outlined, such as the number of reports received and re- solved, the number of legal fulfillments updated annually, and the number of risk assessment documents that have been updated. Moreover, whenever operational activities emer- ge that contain more risks than usual, these acti- vities must be covered in a formal meeting with the Employer, Health and Safety Officer, Safety in the Workplace Representative, Department Head, Manager and the Safety in the Workplace Management SystemManager. The activities are analyzed and instructions are set out, which are communicated to the personnel affected. Continuous supervision is also guaranteed by the monthly report shared with CBI and by regular reports shared with the control body. Workers are directly involved in themanagement of safety aspects by consulting the Safety in the Workplace Representative and sharing specific plans adopted during the regular meetings with managers and/or the heads of departments and/ or the site. In order to implement a reporting management system provided or by the accident prevention legislation and from the point of view of conti- nuous improvement, a close calls reporting form has been made available to workers, namely epi- sodes that do not have consequences for people or objects, but which could become accidents. The aim is to propagate a spontaneous near miss reporting system among all the company’s em- ployees, so that each can share their experiences, which become useful for all workers. Workers’ health is monitored by regular health supervision actions conducted by doctors (one for each company), who take part in yearly me- etings provided for by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08 and who work with the employer and the Health and Safety Officer to assess the risks as- sociated with the workplace and implement measures to protect the safety of workers. All employees are enrolled in the Fondo Assistenza