Sustainability Report FY 2021

105 RUFFINO | Sustainability Report FY 2021 Diversity and incluison The changing, increasingly globalized and inter- connected context in which we work highlights how diversity management has also become a top priority for companies. We recognize diversity as a principle that must be protected. We believe that every person repre- sents different values, cultures and awareness, which is why we ensure an inclusive working environment for all our employees, free from discrimination, hence enabling everyone to express their talent and achieve the best results. We are committed to development for the pur- poses of encouraging diversity and inclusion in order to safeguard our employees and, at the same time, embrace the requests of all our sta- keholders. To this end, a specific project was started in FY 2021 to oversee the issue with initial analysis wi- thin the company and the subsequent sharing of a survey with all employees to highlight the most important dimensions of diversity. Moments of exchange are also planned, such as interviews and focus groups across all departments in order to develop an action plan and implement actions aimed at supporting diversity and inclusion. These charts show the ratio of the base wage (minimum set amount set out in the employ- ment contract) and the remuneration (including the variable part) of women compared to men for the three companies comprising the Group for FY 2021. The charts show a potential gender pay gap in the professional levels that were analyzed, in some cases more evident than others. Nevertheless, it is noted that the director and manager levels and the laborers level are impacted by the lower number of women than men. For Poderi Ducali, the ratio of the director and manager level is zero because there are none in the company structure. DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION Directors and manager Workers Laborers Directors and manager Workers Laborers Ratio of the base wage of women and men by professional level (FY 2021) Ratio of remuneration of men and women by professional level (FY 2021) Ruffino S.r.l. Tenute Ruffino S.r.l. Poderi Ducali S.r.l. 81.2% 38% 93.8% 70.4% 46.9% N/A 83.3% 92.3% 53.6% Ruffino S.r.l. Tenute Ruffino S.r.l. Poderi Ducali S.r.l. 81.2% 38% 84.2% 72.4% N/A 41.1% 78.8% 103.8% 51.7%