Sustainability Report FY 2021

104 We manage as if we were guardians We preserve value through regeneration Methodological notes Annex We grow by sharing We respect our history through sustainable innovation Particular attention is paid to the award system for individual and the Group’s performance with a focus on individual development and merit. An MBO (Management By Objectives) annual variable incentive system is active as well as a Award for Objectives (PPO) system set out by the framework employment contract. Both award systems aim to enhance the sense of belonging to the Group and the importance of each person’s contribution in achieving the company’s targets. The MBO is active for employees from the first level of the Alimentari Industria contract to the directors. The system is based on assessing the achievement of personal objectives. The PPO sy- stem, on the other hand, is extended to all em- ployees and is linked to achieving the Group’s financial targets. For employees subject to asses- sment with the MBO system, the PPO forms part of the award. In line with the previous year, also in FY 2021, 17.5% of employees received a performance and professional development review. We contribute to the wellbeing of our employees thanks to the company welfare system, which is extended to all employees 26 and includes: • Health assistance; • Health insurance to cover Covid-19, which was also extended to family members in 2021; • Paid leave for medical appointments for staff and their family members*; • Insurance cover in case of disability and/or invalidity; • Parental leave; • Pension contributions; • Allocation to buy the Group’s products*; • Contributions to buy school books*; • Benefits for directors and managers include life insurance, flexible benefits that can be re- allocated to various categories (e.g. education costs, personal assistance, free time, sport and travel) and stock ownership. Employees can turn the Prize by Objectives into welfare to use the benefits provided. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, to reward the constant commitment and invaluable work car- ried out by employees despite the difficult period, two additional bonuses were given: the first in June 2020 and the second in March 2021. 26 *Benefit provided for the employees of Tenute Ruffino S.r.l.