Chianti Riserva - Chianti Riserva DOCG - Tuscan Red Wine Ruffino

Chianti Riserva DOCG

Chianti Riserva

The story

Chianti Vecchio was Ruffino’s flagship product when it was founded in 1877. This riserva aspires to follow in the same footsteps as a special occasion wine.

Winemaking notes

The fermentation was extended for about 9 days, with frequent pumpover, in temperature controlled stainless steel vats at 27°C. Additional skin maceration continues for 5 days, followed by malolactic fermentation.


Deep ruby red.


Fine aromas give way to elegant cherry compote. Light spices lead to a delicate woody finish.

Tasting profile

Refined flavors, rarefied tannins and medium body comprise this wine of outstanding personality.

Full tasting Notes

Despite the long refinement, this riserva remains upbeat and devoid of signs of evolution.

Food pairings

Game, steak, roasted meats and offal.

Production area


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Data sheet

Winemaking details Chianti Riserva

Grape varieties

>=70% Sangiovese + other Chianti grape varieties (Ampelographic Base - Chianti DOC Production Guidelines Art 2).


6 months in Slavonian oak, followed by large steel containers.

Serving temperature


Did you know?

The stamp on the label celebrates the 140th anniversary of Ruffino, since the company’s foundation in 1877. The winery’s original logo and the signatures of the two founders can be seen on the seal.