Gin Antica Ricetta - Gin - Ruffino


Gin Antica Ricetta

The story

Lost in the mists of time, gin was invented in the late nineteenth century as a diuretic from distilling juniper berries. 

Winemaking notes

A gin that pays tribute to Tuscany through typical local botanicals: juniper berries from the Tuscan Apennines, Florentine iris, lavender and angelica that blend with vine leaves.




Juniper notes ensued by floral and balsamic nuances; the distinctive aroma of vine leaves gives elegance on the finish.

Tasting profile

Full-bodied on the palate with intense citrus and spice notes, which balance with the lavender and cypress nuances. Freshness and heat coexist with a balsamic background, typical of Tuscan juniper. Long and enjoyable finish.

Food pairings

Perfect for mixing or savoured solo in little sips.

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Data sheet

Did you know?

Vermouth, Amaro, Bitters and Gin took shape from the careful selection and expert working of medicinal herbs, spices and more. Skilful methods and secrets have been passed down from one generation to the next. Antica Ricetta is based on this philosophy.

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