Lumina - Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC - Venetian White Wine Ruffino

Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC


The story

Pinot Grigio has become the most famous and Italian white wine worldwide. The grapes come from vineyards in Veneto and Friuli.

Winemaking notes

The grapes are gently pressed before the must ferments in temperature-controlled steel vats for about 10 days. The refinement continues at 16° before being bottled.


Deep, bright straw yellow.


Bold and fruity aromas, such as freshly cut flowers and white peaches, are initially noted, while a hint of mint provides a refreshing finish.

Tasting profile

The wine has a frank and sincere structure with nuances of sun and salt. Vibrant, enduring and enjoyable on the palate with a proud and persistent finish.

Full tasting Notes

A powerful and robust take on Pinot Grigio, which combines a passionate personality and austere pride in this wine.

Food pairings

Perfect for happy hour, the wine pairs well with fried fish, baked fish, octopus and simply prepared seafood.

Production area

Veneto and Friuli

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Data sheet

Winemaking details Lumina

Grape varieties

>=85% Pinot Grigio + other white grapes (Ampelographic Base – delle Venezie DOC Art 2 Production Guidelines Art 2)



Serving temperature

Did you know?

Lumina, which means “moonlight”, focus on the importance of moonlight for the vine. The quarter moon on the label is the ancient alchemical symbol for the earth’s satellite.