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Vermouth Antica Ricetta

The story

Based on an original recipe dating to 1737, the Vermouth is produced according to the ancient monastic wisdom of herbs.

Winemaking notes

Toscana IGT white wine is fortified with alcohol until it reaches 17°. 25 ingredients are infused in the fortified wine to develop the flavor, aromas and the enticing color.


Chestnut skin with honeyed highlights.


Formidable cornucopia of black and citrus fruit, plus such freshly cut flowers.

Tasting profile

Unctuous on the palate yet slender with taut and bright notes of alcohol, bitterish, changing on the finish reminiscent of rhubarb and pomegranate.

Food pairings

Perfect for classic Italian and international cocktails.

Home delivery

Item is also available in our Poggio Casciano shop

Data sheet

Did you know?

The iris on the label adds an authentic Tuscan touch and the Florentine paper ennobles the presentation.

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