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Grappa Invecchiata Riserva Ducale Oro

The story

The Grappa Invecchiata Riserva Ducale Oro brings together Berta's distillation knowledge and Ruffino's winemaking tradition. In 1947, in Casalotto, in the Asti countryside, the Berta family founded the distillery of the same name and Ruffino produced the first vintage of Riserva Ducale Oro, the jewel of Chianti Classico winemaking, which already included the pioneering Riserva Ducale.

Winemaking notes

The discontinuous cycle distillation takes place in copper pots and the spirit is refined in the same oak barrels used to age Riserva Ducale Oro.




Gentle and heady aromas of honey and almond, citrus zest on the stove and waxed wood.

Tasting profile

A warm feeling of gentleness is perfectly aligned with ripe fruit, nut and dates.

Full tasting Notes

The perfect after-dinner drink.

Food pairings

Cakes, cookies and flavorful mature cheeses.

Production area


Home delivery

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Data sheet

Winemaking details Grappa Invecchiata Riserva Ducale Oro


In Riserva Ducale Oro barrels.

Serving temperature

Between 9° and 13°

Did you know?

The grappa is aged in oak barrels that were once used to refine Ruffino’s Riserva Ducale Oro wine, giving the spirit the elegant and intense aromas that are typical of Chianti Sangiovese.

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