Aziano - Chianti Classico DOCG  - Tuscan Red Wine Ruffino

Chianti Classico DOCG


The story

In local speak, “Classico” means first or original. The earliest document that links Chianti wine to this area is dated 1398. The Chianti Classico wine region extends from the hills south of Florence as far as Siena.

Winemaking notes

The best grapes are selected and undergo alcoholic fermentation, aided by racking and punchdown, staying on the skins for about 15 days in thermo-controlled stainless steel vats, followed by malolactic fermentation.


Deep ruby red.


The hallmarks of Chianti are immediately evident: violets and cherries in particular. The finish is lightly spiced.

Tasting profile

Slender in the mouth with smooth tannins and an enjoyable bitter finish. Nice citrus touches and a hint of carob.

Full tasting Notes

A sincere, characterful wine whose strength lies in its immediacy.

Food pairings

Hearty soups, pork ribs.

Production area


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Data sheet

Winemaking details Aziano

Grape varieties

>=80% Sangiovese + other Chianti Classico grape varieties (Ampelographic Base - Chianti Classico DOCG Production Guidelines Art.2)

Serving temperature


Did you know?

The symbol chosen to represent this wine in the center of the label is an icon taken from Ognissanti Church in Florence.

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