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Chianti Bio

Chianti DOCG

Chianti Bio


Medium-intense ruby red with purple highlights.


Intense with fruity nuances of plums and cherries and floral notes. Subtle woodland nuances and lightly spiced with pepper and cloves.

Tasting profile

Dry, hot, with noticeable tannins, persistent sour cherries and enduring finish.

Full tasting Notes

Harmonious, easy drinking, undemanding but dense. Structured and well-
intentioned, this is a superb gastronomic wine that pairs perfectly with Italian food.

Food pairings

Perfect with grazing boards, hamburgers and carpaccio.

Winemaking notes

The fermentation and maceration take place in temperature-controlled stainless steel vats for about 10 days with frequent pumpover. Once the malolactic fermentation has ended, the wine is refined in large steel and concrete tanks at controlled temperature for a few months before being bottled.

The story

Chianti simply had to be the wine with which Ruffino embarked on its journey into organic production. The distinctive Florentine bottle, introduced in 1975 to replace the historic flask, is a pivotal moment in the history of Ruffino.

Production area


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Data sheet

Grape varieties

>=70% organic Sangiovese + other organic Chianti grape varieties (Ampelographic Base - Chianti DOCG Production Guidelines Art.2)

Serving temperature


Did you know?

When Chianti became DOCG, a bottle of Ruffino was the first to receive the label, numbered AAA00000001.

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