There’s a way of life that sums up a love of beauty, the joy of seeing people and simple pleasures, of nature and togetherness.

This lifestyle is centuries-old and contemporary, highlighting recent and distant events, and turning these elements into fertile ground for the universe, a world that includes humans, our accomplishments and everyday way of living life at its fullest.

This is the eclectic world of Vivere di Gusto, a magazine that examines perspectives on life, business, the countryside, history and stories. This daily microcosm of myriad actions and events collected in one place comprises an observatory of the Ruffino lifestyle.

Yes, there’s wine, but there’s also everything that leads to wine and that wine embodies: that nonstop flow of art, culture and knowledge that has crafted our way of life since antiquity and that we now wish to shape into a cabinet of curiosities open and available to all.

The words and photography are edited by Ruffino, featuring content by individuals who understand our lifestyle, a digest of the things and people that we love.

Our Magazine

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