The need to educate about the responsible consumption of wine is a key pillar of Ruffino Cares.

Tasting and appreciating good wine is intrinsic to Italian culture. Drinking wine responsibly and in an informed way is therefore important in maintaining the concept of sharing simple pleasures. For this reason, Ruffino aims to educate about responsible wine tasting.

Responsible drinking is a value for Ruffino, something we share and care about, which is why the company invests in employee training and awareness campaigns for the general public.

All company employees adhere to an internal policy regarding responsible drinking and attend an online course about the model adopted by Constellation Brands, aimed at assessing individual knowledge about this issue and gaining awareness about the problems and conduct linked with excessive drinking.

Tasting and learning about wine helps to improve our education about responsible and informed drinking, which is linked to the positive concept of the joy of wine.

Ruffino endorses the “Wine in Moderation” European programme. This European campaign was introduced in 2008 to promote responsible and moderate wine consumption.

The programme is based on certain principles: while most people drink wine in moderation, there’s a minority who drinks excessively, and trade professionals have the task of promoting the importance of moderation, adapting their efforts to local customs, repeating successful practices and gathering scientific evidence. 

Sharing information about the direct and indirect damage caused by the abuse of alcoholic beverages and the socio-cultural value of responsible drinking remains essential during all company communications by Ruffino.