Protecting the environment and its biodiversity through sustainable practices in the vineyard and cellar have become fundamental aspects for Ruffino.

“In 2018, our estates received ‘Biodiversity Friend’ certification from the World Biodiversity Association,Maurizio Bogoni, director of Tenute Ruffino, comments. “We love our land, and the organic conversion process is our commitment to safeguarding the unique places where we are fortunate to work. It’s a ‘natural’ evolution of the practices we have established in the management of our estates. Our team has adopted precision viticulture, which means that we manage the various vineyards based on the properties of their soil. This has enabled us to reduce significantly the use of herbicides and pesticides, making the timing of our team’s mechanical operations fundamental, as well as the continual monitoring of the health of the vineyards in order to prevent any disease.”


Taking care of the vineyards and looking after our land lay the foundations for our company’s future. Various projects are underway to achieve this goal:
1. organic conversion
2. precision viticulture
3. best practices agricultural handbook




Water is a precious resource. We promote and encourage responsible usage of water throughout the production process and on all our premises. We focus on the following drives:
1. monitoring quantity and drafting an annual Water Footprint
2. implementing plans to improve wastewater treatment




Our production cycle generates different types of waste. Appropriate waste disposal is part of our commitment to the environment, which is implemented through increased separation and sorting. (Our company has identified more than 30 types of waste.) This commitment enables us to recycle over 85% of our waste.