The tendency to give back is important for Ruffino. We are involved in several activities that help others.

Ruffino supports local excellence and associations, and lends a hand to the vulnerable and people who are enduring difficult times in their lives.
The group has an inclusive, open and human vision. In one word, sustainable.

We have supported the following causes

Help Us to Help Italy

Fundraiser to help the healthcare service in Veneto in the fight against the Covid-19 emergency. The amount collected through donations was doubled by Ruffino and resulting in the purchase of 4 intensive care beds.

Dynamo Camp

Dynamo Camp is the first recreational therapy camp in Italy specially structured to host children suffering from serious and chronic illnesses for holidays and recreation. Ruffino is committed to supporting Dynamo Camp contributing to the upkeep of its green spaces.


Ruffino supports the MIA.DI association, which was founded in 2015 by two pairs of parents whose children are cancer survivors: they wanted to give something back to Meyer, Florence’s children’s hospital.

Employee Match Day

Employee Match Day is a yearly Constellation brands event in which Ruffino employees donate an amount of money to a charity of their choice at their discretion and the company matches it, doubling the donation given to the charity.

Nourishing Neighbours

Nourishing Neighbours campaign is a regular event whereby long-life products are collected through employees’ grocery shopping and donated to food banks that distribute the goods among the local community.

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